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Discover the Silk Road on your own on a motorcycle

BMW F 650 GS
1-6 days
120 EURO per day
7-14 days
110 EURO per day
15 and more days
90 EURO per day
please ask
800 EURO in cash

These requirements only apply to people who rent a motorcycle from us and want to discover Central Asia on their own:
Motorcyclists and machines in Central Asia are exposed to much higher loads than in western latitudes. Potholes in the asphalt, dusty, bumpy gravel roads and passes up to 4,600 m high hit the riders and motorbikes a lot. There is no breakdown assistance like Ă–AMTC, TCS or ADAC that you could call if something happened. Even if we maintain and maintain our motorcycles continuously, it can happen that defects occur as a result of heavy use or an accident. For these reasons, we expect motorcycle renter to take personal responsibility and understanding. In addition, a motorcycle renter should bring some technical know-how to be able to carry out the following repairs independently:

Screwdriver knowledge

  • Replace defective hoses
  • Check and add oil
  • Reinsert jumped chains
  • Remove and clean air filter
  • Replace clutch lever or brake lever
Studded tires - front and rear
17.3 liter tank (of which reserve 4 l)
(range ~ 400 km)
Luggage rack
Luggage rack with straps
Appropriate tool kit
Tire repair kit
Air pump, tire lever (two pieces) and replacement hoses for front and rear
Electronics / engine
Replacement lamps and replacement spark plug
Optional equipment
  • Side pockets / boxes
  • Lowered BMW F 650 GS to 75 cm
  • The prices are without KM limitation
  • When making the reservation, 20% of the rental price must be paid as a deposit. The remaining amount is due by bank transfer or in cash before the start of the lease.
  • The tenant has to sign a rental contract, in which the liability for damage is described.