Our bike shuttle service will be set up from the beginning of May until end of September in a 14 day rhythm from Bludenz to Bishkek and back.

  • Temporary importation into the Russian Customs Union (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia and Belarus).
  • 3 months car insurance for Russia and Kazakhstan so far it does not exist.
  • Your Motorcycle, ATV, Quad, UTV Side by Side, sidecars, trikes, luggage etc. are loaded professionally, carefully and safely.
  • On request we can plan your entire trip incl. Guided tours.
  • Photo and video material is available free of charge.

Services not included.

Visa costs, baggage, accident and travel cancellation insurance. For your own safety, it is highly recommended a foreign - complete protection letter.

Pickup and Delivery

We pick up your bike, quad, UTV Side by Side, depending on the agreement directly from your garage and ensure the necessary transport security.

The dates for pickup and delivery are agreed by us directly with you. Emergency is to ensure that compliance with the deadline is also guaranteed by a third party, for example, Relatives, neighbors, etc.

When we collect your motorcycle, quad, etc. Customized delivery protocol incl. Photos will be created. To avoid problems later.

The tank capacity allows up to 50% of the total tank volume during transportation to the transporter, trailer or truck. For damage caused by leakage of fluids such as oil or gasoline, etc. on the other bike, the respective holders shall be liable to the full extent.

The agreed total price is payable upon collection in cash.

Motorcycle, ATV, Quad, UTV Side by Side, sidecars, trikes - Transport

Your motorcycle is delivered or picked up in enclosed vans, trailers, trucks.

For the transport you need not worry about transport crates or pallets themselves.

The transport is carried out by us in available special motorcycle or quad transport boxes. At the kennel are special eyelets where your bike is secured. So that can be Ensured that the shuttle service can not cause damage.


All vehicles are adequately insured. Different car liability insurance also include the Russian Federation. Which car liability insurance also includes Russia, everyone has to investigate itself. Best You look green card on there all countries are listed where your insurance coverage is valid. For transportation through Russia and Kazakhstan a 3 Mona doughs is valid car liability insurance required. As such, it does not exist it will be completed by us.

The cost of additional car third party liability insurance for Russia and Kazakhstan are in the shuttle included, provided that they do not exist.