Motorbikes, Quads, Side by side, Trikes, etc. from Bludenz to central Asia Bishkek!

We not only transport motorcycles. Also Quads, Side by Side, Trikes etc. we bring for you in the transport box at your holiday destination.

Our central meeting point in Europe is in Bludenz (Vorarlberg, Austria). From here, we are calculated the prices for the motorbike transport. Should be the shipping place between our central meeting point and your destination, so will cost not one cent more. Even general you will find that our prices for the motorbike transport are reasonable and fair.

Your motorcycle is in Kyzyl-Tuu in a 40 ft container locked in and guarded kept until to your arrival. Kyzyl-Tuu is a small sleepy town at the foot of the Tian Shan mountain range. And lies about 15 km west from the capital Bishkek.

Bludenz - Kyzyl-Tuu (Kyrgyzstan) already from 900 euro!

For detailed information a email to!

We need the following data from you

Contact person with phone number
Transport destination location
Number of pieces of motorcycles and type
Vehicle type: Bike, ATV, Quad, Side by Side, Trikes etc.
Condition: New, Used, about the current value
Dimensions: Length, width, height and the weight
Excess baggage: Motorcycle cases, Baggage, Helmet, Motorcycle leathers etc.
Place of loading: one or more?
One way or there and back again